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At Laser Electrical Tauranga, we understand the ins and outs of electrical work within a residential home.

Over 35 years of experience means we are experts in this type of work

So if there's something at home that needs some expert attention, we have the right people for the job

From wiring lights, switchgear, switchboards, appliances, as well as phone, data and TV connections...chances are we've seen it all before.

Call us for a chat to see how we can help you get things sorted, with the added assurance of our "Totally Dependable" guarantee.

Fault Finding

Got something 'just not working' at home? Maybe your Stove has stopped working, no Hot Water, or a Light that just wont turn on?

Maybe the switch is broken, or maybe the fitting itself is faulty, or perhaps there is a problem with the wiring or connections?

Communication is always key in these types of jobs. It takes a skilled and experienced Electrician to be able to quickly 'fault find' to identify the problem, convey that back to you (in plain English terminology) & then offer up a solution.

Therefore, we prefer to call this service Solution Finding, rather than Fault Finding!


Nearly all new Electrical Installations within a Residential Situation will require some sort of wiring to be installed as part of the installation

While the load on residential installations isn't usually excessive (in comparison to Commercial or Industrial situations), it is still important to make sure that the cables installed have been sized correctly and are suitable for the installed purpose.

Using a Qualified Electrician from Laser Electrical Tauranga will ensure that wiring is always installed in a manner that is fully compliant with the NZ Electrical Regulations.

If you have an older house (pre. 1970)

From a safety perspective, you may want to consider having your home wiring checked out.

The insulation used on cables back then has been found to deteriorate over many years, resulting in bare copper wires becoming exposed. This creates the risk of fire, or even worse, electric shock.

If this is found to be the case, a full house rewire could be required, using the modern & compliant TPS Sheathed cable.

An inspection from one of our Electricians can confirm the status of your current house wiring and if something is found to need attention, we can offer expert advice regarding what options are available to you.

New Lights, Switches and Powerpoints

Do you find yourself grumbling because the 'lighting' in one area of your home is just not good enough, or maybe you just don't have enough power points to plug in your ever-growing pile of 'power-hungry' or 'needs-charging' appliances and devices?

Talk to us about what you require.

Our years of experience means we can come up with a solution, and arrange one of our qualified & skilled tradesman to carry out out the job, getting it sorted for you in next to no time.


Whether your Switchboard is old or new, if there is a problem with it, you will need a qualified electrician to look at it for you

A really old board could need moving or replacing. Old switchboards (or fuse panels) were often installed in locations that were 'convenient' back at that time but these days are not aesthetically pleasing, such as in the front entry or on a kitchen or lounge wall.

In addition, an old deteriorating board:

  • Could present the risk of fire or electric shock where copper wires have become exposed due to deteriorated insulation
  • Is unlikely to have any RCD Protection (RCD breakers disconnect the power before an electric shock can occur)
  • May contain asbestos.

For peace of mind, get one of our friendly, reputable electricians to do an Electrical Safety Inspection on your switchboard & house wiring.

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