Residential Lighting

Residential Lighting needs to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing

Indoor Lighting

The options are endless

Is your project a new build, are you renovating, or perhaps you just want to upgrade some of your existing indoor home lighting?

Consider first, the use of each space within your home as this will help determine the ambience you want to achieve within these individual spaces. For example, a kitchen will have a very different ambience and lighting requirements compared to (say) a bedroom.

The next step is then selecting the right fittings to best to achieve the finish you are after, and while the options available are endless, in today's modern home, LED fittings continue are the most popular fitting of choice.

Feel free to talk to us at Laser Electrical Tauranga about how we can help you to get your Residential Light Design & Light Fitting Selection just-right.

Outdoor Lighting

Are you looking for just a few well placed outdoor light fittings, so you can see getting in and out of your car, or collect the washing at night? Or maybe you want to go all-out & create an outdoor lighting haven?

Whatever you are after, we at Laser Electrical Tauranga have traditional fittings that mount directly onto the outside of your home, however here are some other lighting ideas that you may (or may not) have also considered:

  • Remotely positioned Gate Lights
  • Garden rock lights
  • Ground-mounted spotlights shining up into trees, uplight pillars or other garden features
  • Water feature lighting
  • Pathway lighting

Talk to us if you would like to find out more.

LED Downlights - FAQs

I currently have Incandescent or Halogen Recessed Downlights. Why should I change to LED?

There are 2 main reasons we would recommend you change to LED:

1. Saves you money:

Incandescent & Halogen light bulbs create light by heating a filament inside the bulb; the heat makes the filament white-hot, producing the light that you see.

Because traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs create light through heat, about 90% of the energy used is wasted, generating heat.

With modern LED Light Fittings, hardly any heat is produced, so all the energy used produces light. Hence, the Wattages of LED fittings are significantly lower than their Incandescent or Halogen equivalents, making them more Energy Efficient & cheaper to run (they use up to 85% less electricity).

Also, LED Lamps can (according to manufacturers claims) last up to 15 times longer than traditional incandescent & halogen lamps.

2. Improve your home Insulation:

It is possible that your current Light fittings have been installed with a clearance gap (in the ceiling insulation) directly around the light fitting. This is because Incandescent & Halogen Recessed Downlights get very hot & for some fittings, the clearance gap is a mandatory requirement to reduce the risk of fire.

Unfortunately, this means that your home ceiling insulation is compromised, allowing draughts through the hole & reducing the insulation's ability to hold its heat.

As mentioned above, LED fittings produce very little heat, so many LED Downlights have a rating IC, IC-F or IC-4 which means these fittings can have the insulation placed directly on top with little or no fire risk.

Is it simple to replace existing Incandescent or Halogen Downlights with LED Downlights?

The short answer is yes.

We would need to find an LED Downlight that will fit the ceiling hole of your existing fittings, but they come in many sizes, so it's likely that a direct replacement can be easily found.

If you have do have a ceiling hole that is of an awkward size, we would discuss the options directly with you so you can decide how you would like to proceed.

Can I replace my existing Downlights with LED Downlights myself?

No. For your own safety and to maintain your home's insurance coverage, you would need to have this work completed by a Registered Electrician.

Are LED Downlights Dimmable?

Most are, you just need to check that the LED Downlight Fitting you have selected has dimming capabilities.

Can I just put LED Lamps in my existing Incandescent or Halogen Downlight fittings?

Yes - however you will just need to check that the LED Lamps you select are compatible with your existing Recessed Downlights.

Also, the good news is that you can undertake this work yourself.

However, please be aware that this option won't help if you are wanting to improve the insulation of your home, as the safety clearance gap around the light fitting will still need to be maintained.

How much money will I save?

As a rough estimate - if you have say, 20x 100W Incandescent Fittings on for approx 3 hours/day - you could save around $400/year by replacing these current Incandescent fittings with LED equivalents.

There are some really good online calculator tools that you can use to work out the dollar savings based on the current lighting arrangement in your own home.

So, get in touch with us if you have any further questions regarding LED and Energy Efficient Fittings, or if you would like some help to figure out what your dollar savings could be by making the switch.

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