Audio Visual and Internet

As with all modern technology, there is so much information and variety of product out there, it's hard to know what would be best for your own home and family situation

Home Internet and a Flat Screen TV with a Sound System has become the typical basic standard

Fortunately, there are systems available to suit all budgets

Home Theatre Systems

Want the big screen experience in your own home?

With Home Theatre and Audio Systems becoming so much more affordable, a fully installed Home Theatre System is easily a realistic installation option.

The level of integration will vary from home to home, depending on what you require & of course your budget. Laser Electrical Tauranga wants to make it easy. Contact us & let's talk over your options.

Data, Internet, Fibre Optics and Phone Wiring

Basic Internet and Phone Wiring is an absolute must in all of today's homes

Many modern in-home appliances require a hard-wired data connection or can be controlled over WiFi, so careful consideration needs to be made as to:

  • Where Data / Phone Outlets will be required throughout the home
  • Will Single Data outlets be sufficient or will Double Outlets, or even Triples or Quads be better?
  • Where will your WiFi router be positioned to ensure the best coverage throughout the house
  • Where is a good central point for all your data cables to run back to, and the installation of a Data Hub System

Also, with the continued rollout of Ultra-Fast Fibre to NZ Homes, you may want to make sure that the current wiring and connections within your home are such that you can take advantage of this new, super-fast internet technology.

Our experience in Residential Installations means we are knowledgeable in this field. We keep up to date with recent trends and technological developments so we can offer the most recent advancements to our customers.

Maybe you have a new installation requirement, or do you have an old home that needs updating for your modern internet requirements? Which ever it is, Contact Laser Electrical Tauranga for more info.

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