Eco-Friendly Solutions

If we are serious about protecting our environment, we need to look at what we, as individual Commercial Businesses, can do differently today, that will make a difference for the future

The most common uptake that we have seen within the Commercial environment is the upgrade of existing light fittings to LED Light Fittings

In a commercial setting, because lights are often on all day, at least 5 days/week, the electricity savings have an immediate impact on the carbon footprint of the company, as well as the company reaping the financial advantages that go along with it.

This is only one example, however, there are lots of ways you can 'do-your-bit' for the environment.

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Energy Efficiency

A great way to find out what positive changes your Commercial Business can make that will help towards protecting our environment, is to get a full Energy Efficiency Audit

Laser Electrical Tauranga can analyse your current situation and then design, specify and install products that will reduce your lighting and heating consumption without having to compromise the style or comfort of your Commercial Premises. The Audit will also include what the cost-saving benefits will be.

Some ideas for consideration:

  • Replace existing light fittings with Energy Efficient alternatives (ie: LED)
  • Installation of Light Sensors, Movement Sensors and Timers
  • Automation Control
  • Changes or improvement to Heating System
  • New or improved Air Ventilation / Air Movement system
  • Solar

If you are interested in an Energy Efficiency Audit - get in touch with us.

Electric Vehicle Charging

With the number of electric vehicles on New Zealand's roads nearly tripling in the past two years, growing from just over 5000 in October 2017 to over 15,000 in August 2019, it then makes sense that all these extra vehicles means we will require more Charging Stations

While the Government is committed to more funding for the EV infrastructure, the location of these charges may not be conveniently located for your staff or customers.

If you are a company, wanting to improve your carbon footprint by looking to add Electric Vehicles to your fleet, or maybe you just want to install EV Stations as a convenience for your staff or customers, talk to us - we can advise regarding the installation options available to you.

Solar Panels

Commercial premises have two things that make them perfect candidates for Solar Panel Installation:

  • The building lighting and power demands are during the day
  • There is usually a large unused roof space
  • The Power Savings that result not only make financial sense but are good for the environment too.

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