Heating and Cooling

Keeping the temperature inside our homes at a comfortable level has never been easier and advances in technology mean that we now have many heating and cooling options available

Laser Electrical Tauranga can help you to understand the Heating and Cooling options that are available in the current market. We'll help you come up with a solution that will best suit your home layout, family lifestyle and budget

Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

Who doesn't love having a warm, dry home in the middle of a freezing winter? Or a cool, refreshing home during the hot summer months?

Heat Pump Air Conditioning Units are not only safe and easy to use but are an extremely Energy Efficient way to control the temperature in your home.

Want to know more? Contact us & lets chat about what you require & discuss the options available. We are fortunate to have partnered with reliable suppliers and leading manufacturers, to ensure the right installation for the right purpose.

Underfloor Heating

Have you ever walked barefoot on tiles that are being heated from underneath? It's luxurious!

The elements are easily laid prior to the installation of your tiles, so remember to add it to your list if you're designing a new home or doing a bathroom renovation.

Also, a good-to-know fact is that Underfloor Heating is not just restricted to the heating of tiles and can also be installed with many of these flooring materials:

  • Ceramic & Slate tiles
  • Marble & Granite
  • Hardwood tongue & groove flooring
  • Carpet

Another good-to-know fact is that Laser Electrical Tauranga is the main accredited Undertile Heating installer for Warmfloor products to the Tauranga Region.

Contact us to find out more.

Extraction Fans

In today's homes, we know that if we can expel damp wet air directly out of the house, the result is cleaner air and a healthier environment inside our homes.

Therefore, installing Bathroom Extractor Fans would seem to be a no-brainer.

Extractor Fans come in many different types, sizes and mounting configurations, so talk to us for expert advice to make sure you get the right fan installed for the right setting.

Also, are you aware that recent changes to the Healthy Homes Ventilation Standard now states that all Rental Properties MUST have Extractor Fans vented to the outside for Kitchens and all Bathrooms?

Fortunately, Extractor Fans can be easily installed into both new & existing houses. Contact us and ask us about it!

Here is a link to the NZ Government Tenancy Services which has more detailed information. Click here.

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