Eco-Friendly Solutions

Eco-friendly Solutions are a must to protect our environment for future generations to come

LED Light Fittings

LED Light fittings are now standard for all our New Home Electrical jobs.

Since they have become so commonplace, they are now more competitively priced than ever and the result is that the everyday household can afford to install LED Light fittings and lamps and reap the savings benefits.

There are also some other simple, inexpensive ways that we can make a difference, such as the installation of Sensors and Timers on lighting and appliances. These devices will save power, not only saving you money but also contributing towards doing your bit for the environment.

Get in touch with us at Laser Electrical Tauranga if you'd like to find out more.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Have you recently purchased an Electrical Vehicle and need the convenience of a charger installed at home?

With over 15,000 electric vehicles out on our NZ Roads today, you are not alone.

As most switchboards are located within the garage, it is likely that we can fairly easily run a power feed for your EV Charger Connection, whether its a new build or existing home situation.

Talk to us about how one of our friendly Electricians can get this sorted for you in Tauranga.

Solar Panels

Solar, in the NZ Residential Market, has taken a while to gain momentum

This is mainly because the initial upfront cost has been high, making the pay-back time too long to make it a worthwhile investment.

However, there are factors that are rapidly reducing the cost of this product in today's market, such as:

  • Technological and product improvements
  • Improvement in the technology to produce these products
  • Increase in demand

If you'd like to discuss the opportunity of the power savings on offer, give us a call at Laser Electrical Tauranga.

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