Industrial Lighting

Industrial buildings require a lighting design and specifically selected fittings suitable for the workshop / factory situation

From overall general lighting through to specific task lighting, knowing what fittings are best to use requires experience and expertise

Get in touch with us at Laser Electrical Tauranga so we can chat to get an understanding of what you need to achieve. Using our knowledge, we can guide you with ideas, recommend suitable fittings and get our tradesman to finish it all off with a quality on-site installation.

Exit and Emergency Lighting

Do you require Exit and Emergency Lighting to your Industrial Building, perhaps to gain building or council compliance?

Or perhaps you have an existing system that needs inspecting, repairing or even replacement?

Exit and Emergency Lighting needs to be correctly designed with the right fittings selected. It also needs quality on-site installation with full and final compliance testing.

Get in touch with us & let's talk about your requirements. You can rely on us to get your Exit and Emergency Lighting up and running in an efficient and compliant manner.

Also, you may want to consider ongoing IQP Testing and Maintenance on your system. This could be a mandatory requirement to ensure your compliance remains current.

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