01 May 2016

2016 - 24 Hour Relay Fundraiser for Mental Health Foundation

In 2016, Laser Members across NZ were challenged to organise fundraiser events in their local areas. Firstly to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation of NZ, but to also raise awareness for Mental Health itself.

Up for the challenge, Laser Electrical Tauranga and Laser Plumbing Tauranga Central banded together and organised a 24 Hour Fun Relay Fundraiser around Mount Maunganui.

It was attended by Laser Members from all around the North Island, along with massive support from local Customers, Suppliers, Businesses and of course, families & friends.

Teams were formed, and there was loads of friendly banter to not only be the team that raised the most money but the team that completed the most laps.

An amazingly fun weekend was had by all. An overall total of 434 laps of the Mount were completed with just over $12,000 raised & donated to the Mental Health Foundation. Thanks so much to those who put in so much work (Linda Andrews & team) to make this a hugely successful event.

For that year, Lasers across all of NZ raised a combined amount of $51,779 for the Mental Health Foundation of NZ

Pictured at the top are, Rob Weatherley (Laser Electrical Tauranga) & Clyde Andrews (Laser Plumbing Tauranga Central), who entered as a team of two & completed the equivalent of a marathon each.